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      17021 Felix Mini + Baby Stroller

      With multi-positioning reclining backrest, super light weight and mesh basket.

      RM 599.00
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      18001 Baby Stroller

      Baby Stroller with reversible handle, 3 recline level position, detachable front bar and storage basket.

      RM 199.00
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      18018 Stroller

      Baby Stroller with detachable bottle tray, stepless recline position, reversible handle and large netting compartment.

      RM 269.00
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      18032 Baby Stroller

      Recline level, Detachable arm rest, Handle bar for carry

      RM 422.00
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      18034 Baby Stroller

      Baby stroller with rocking function, complete with stepless recline level, detachable bottle tray and adjustable footrest.

      RM 319.00
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      18038 Baby Stroller

      Reversible handle, soft netting compartment, multiple recline seat level, front and rear wheel with lock. 

      RM 411.00
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      18063 Baby Stroller

      18063 My Dear Baby Stroller

      RM 239.00
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      18064 Baby Stroller

      Trifold compact size, stepless recline position, come pull bar, easy for travel.

      RM 399.00
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      18070 Tandem Stroller

      18070 My Dear Tandem Stroller

      RM 349.00
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      18073 Tandem Stroller

      18073 Tandem Stroller with stepless recline level, adjustable footrest and two attractive colours.

      Mosquito net included.

      RM 433.00
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      18076 Baby Stroller

      adjustable handle level, recline, reversible seat

      RM 418.00
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      18083 Baby Stroller (with baby carrier)

      With detachable front tray, Swivel-able front wheel, Reversible handle, 3 recline level position, Adjustable foot rest, with mosquito net.

      RM 489.00
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      18089 Stroller

      Baby stroller with reversible seat,safety fold mechanism,large netting compartment detachable arm rest,3 recline position,detachable front bar.

      RM 837.00
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      18095 Baby Stroller

      With detachable front tray,swivel-able front wheel.

      RM 290.90
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      18099 Felix Baby Stroller

      Small volume after folding and multi-position reclining backrest.

      RM 499.00
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      18100  Felix X Baby Stroller

      With one hand folding belt, reversible seat and also a multi-position reclining backrest.

      RM 539.00
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      18108 Baby Stroller

      with netting curtain, compact size, 3 step recline-able seat, 5 point harnesses.

      RM 556.00
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      18109 Felix Auto + Baby Stroller

      With single hand folding system, carry shoulder strap
      and also a multi-position reclining backrest.

      RM 599.00
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      18112 Lightweight Baby Stroller

      Cool mesh fabric, one button folding, backrest have many position, rear wheel with brake, detachable arm rest, light weight.

      RM 449.00
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      18115 Travel System

      Stroller with baby carrier, 3 adjustable recline position, reversible push handle, large netting compartment, detachable front tray with cup holder.

      RM 548.00
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      18118 Baby Stroller

      with Stepless recline level, Detachable bottle tray, 5 point harness, Large netting compartment, Canopy with netting window.

      RM 395.90
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      18121 Baby Stroller

      with Stepless recline level, Detachable bottle tray, 5 point harness, Large netting compartment, Reversible handle, Adjustable footrest.

      RM 596.90
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      18124 Travel System Stroller

      My Dear Travel System Stroller

      RM 559.00
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      18125 Baby Stroller

      Baby Stroller come with under-seat storage basket, 5 Point harness safety belt, Easy and compact when folded. 

      RM 239.00
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      18126 Magic Stroller

      Magic stroller with reversible seat, Adjustable handle height, Safety belt, Footrest, and Stopper.


      "REQUEST FOR SHIPPING QUOTATION" before you checkout from Sabah, Sarawak, and Labuan areas.

      RM 179.00
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      18130 Tandem Stroller

      18130 My Dear Tandem Stroller

      RM 358.00
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