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      37016 Car Potty

      Car Potty with cute design and bright colour.

      RM 75.00
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      37000 Baby Bath Net

      can use any baby bath tub

      RM 31.90
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      37006 Baby Potty & Stool

      faece tray, stool, music

      Stock available
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      37007 Potty and Stool

      face tray, stool, music

      Stock available
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      37008 Baby Bath Tub

      bath tray,anti skid soft PU foam

      Out of stock
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      37010 Soft Potty Seat

      Soft Potty Seat with Handle. This feature makes your baby sits easily on existing toilet seat. Comes with colourful colour.

      RM 21.00
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      37019 Toiletries Potty


      RM 76.90
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      37020 Baby Potty

      soft seat for baby toilet training

      RM 39.00
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      37024 Bath Tub

      Bath Tub with Soap Trap and Removable Drainaga Cap.

      RM 69.00
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      37029 Bath Tub

      Includes a water release stopper. 

      RM 74.90
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      37039 Toiletries

      colourful plastic

      RM 26.00
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      37041 Frog Potty

      detachable feces bowl, with stool

      RM 54.90
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      37042 Potty Seat

      potty seat with handle

      Out of stock
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      37044 Potty

      Faeces tray, step up stool, stopper. 

      RM 107.90
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      37049 Potty

      “Will” 3 way Potty With detachable faece tray, step up stool

      RM 97.00
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